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We Help Health & Wellness Businesses SURPASS Their Competition Through Paid Advertising

Stop wasting your time and money on marketing methods that simply do not provide the return you are seeking. After working with 40+ clients, we have the secret sauce that will take your business to new heights!

It's time to utilise paid advertising and take things to the next level- a world of insanely positive ROI, increased sales and ad budgets well spent!

We are fixated on helping health and wellness businesses design, build and optimise their marketing to exponentially grow their sales and profits.

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Our Philosophy

We don't believe in 'One Size Fits All', because cookie cutters are not part of our arsenal. We treat every single one of our clients differently because every single business is different.

What we do believe in, is approaching our service delivery for every single one of our clients with monastic-like focus in order to deliver them the best ROI possible.

We look for a very specific client: Maybe that's you and we would love to find out!

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One Service.

Paid Advertising

We offer a fully fledged advertising service. We take the whole advertising process off your hands. From audience research to ad creation, testing to scaling, we provide it all!

Thanks to our extensive graphic design experience, we also take care of your ad creatives as well as providing regular progress updates so you know the exact status of your ads and their key performance metrics.

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The Real Cost Of Facebook Advertising & Is It Worth It For Your Business In 2021

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Companies That Trust Us


"How We Generated $15,280 In Only 60 Days For A Clients Brand New Website"

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Meet The Team!

Founded by Chris Kingston, Scenic Medias aims to adopt a company culture focused on hiring top talent, providing services to the highest degree of quality and promoting a work environment of growth, joy and progression.

Our team is a testament to those exact values, with each member hired because of their willingness to take part in great things, and provide great service.

We don't operate from fancy offices, with money-sucking coffee machines to pay for! Our team operates from wherever our clients receive the best service. And we have found that to be wherever they feel most comfortable. That is one of the reasons we don't charge ridiculously high monthly retainers like traditional agencies. We think different, we know different, therefore we operate different, and our clients benefit greatly because of this.

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How We Generated $45,198 With An Advertising Spend Of Just $1,280.44!

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