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26% of Facebook users who click on ads report making purchases & 79% of online adults use Facebook, meaning your customers are using it!

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Why Facebook Advertising?


Daily active users

35 Mins

per day on the platform


of adults that use the web, use facebook


the average cost per click for facebook ads

“An ad is finished only when you no longer can find a single element to remove.”

- Robert Fleege

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Much like Robert Fleege, we only publish our clients adverts once there is no longer a single element to remove. Advertising is all about testing, and testing some more. That is why the testing begins before the ad campaigns are even published. Our team of advertising experts sole purpose is to develop ad campaigns that succeed, therefore we can guarantee that we are giving your ads the best chance for success.

Why do we offer Facebook Advertising instead of google?

As a marketing agency, we understand attention. We understand that money flows where attention goes, and facebook is no exception to that. Google may be where people go when they have a specific search query, but facebook is where people go on average 8 times per day- 1.6 Billion people to be exact. Statistics speak to us, that is why we believe facebook advertising is the current best advertising medium for small to medium businesses looking to grow their online presence and achieve more sales for their products or services


Through both planning and research, we identify your most relevant target audiences and effective marketing approach.


After we have established the best audience to target your advertisements to, our content and advertising teams work together to deliver high quality and optimised ad campaigns.


Once your ad campaigns are running, the service doesn't stop there. Adverts need to be monitored and tweaked in in order to perform their best. Our advertising team does all this for you.


After your ad campaigns have finished, we take all the data, results and findings and package them into a full report, so we can measure their success and effectiveness.

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