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Want a better online presence? How about more engagement? More Customers? Our social media service has you covered!

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There are 3.2 Billion Social Media Users Worldwide. Roughly 42% Of The Population...

Social media users are ever increasing, and for good reason. It is a place where people can connect with others, communicate, interact with friends, find humour, find love, find themselves and it is a place for businesses to thrive. Believe it or not, your customers are on social media, no matter their gender, age, race or other traits, they are using these platforms. And with the average time spent on social media daily sitting at just over 2 hours, you have plenty of time and ability to capture your customers attention.

Our Service Includes

Analysis & Strategy

We analyse your current social media state in order to provide a personal service

Content Creation & Posting

after analysing your social media, we then create week by week content plans. Once approved, we schedule content on a weekly basis

Growth & Engagement

alongside content creation & posting, our team shall consistently engage on your social media for you, in order to grow the accounts and increase awareness.

Performance Reporting

monitoring performance is key to success. That is why We send you custom performance reports so you can track progress, growth & results on a weekly basis, so you are always kept in the loop.

A Great Team, Achieving Great Results!

Here at Scenic Medias, we have a great team of individuals that work extremely hard for each and every one of our clients. Our team members have years of experience in their field and they are continuously improving their skills. Our managing director himself left college at 18 years of age and worked as a social media manager for two multi-million pound UK businesses, before starting this agency.

"I believe the number one reason my team operates so well, and why our clients are always so happy with their service, is because they are not afraid to go the extra mile for a client. They will work out of hours if a client has an urgent request. If they do not know how to do something, they will learn, and they are always striving to improve"
- Chris Kingston | Managing Director

But Don't Just Hear It From Us, Read Some Of Our Client Case Studies & View Our Work!

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All pricing is calculated based on the amount of planning, creation and management of the service, therefore each service cost is specific to each clients needs.

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